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Information can be incredibly powerful in the world of commercial real estate — and Amber Surrency and her crew from CoStar Group are in Utah to collect

Which is a better tangible example of capitalism: the stock market or the real estate market?



As per me these are the best option for investment purpose.having advantages as well as disadvantages that you should consider prior to investment.

Investment Option – Real Estate v/s other assets (Gold, mutual funds, share market etc.)

Investment opportunities have and will continue to be an integral part of everyone’s lives. At different stages along the way, one debates with themselves as to which option is best suited for them. Real estate, gold, mutual funds and equity are some of the main investment options that one looks into, but each have their own pros and cons. Each aspect of these investment opportunities make them unique and to make money one has to have a better understanding of the positives and negatives. Let us take a look at these points of debate –
Real Estate:

Real estate is subjected to land, as well as any physical property or improvements attached to the land, including houses, buildings, landscaping, fencing, wells, etc.
This is an avenue which takes a longer period to see a return on investment



A Low volatility and a gradual increase in market prices lends stability to the investment


Through renovation and repairs the performances of one’s investment can be amplified


Benefits can be achieved from home loans for each property purchase


One can rent out properties which provides a monthly income



There is a high transaction cost incurred due to stamp duty and registration


It is capital intensive in nature


Closely attached to high cost of maintenance


Difficult to generate cash in case of emergency however mortgaging the same is possible

Other Assets

A stock market, equity market or share market is the assembly of buyers and sellers. It is a loose network of economic transactions and not a physical facility or discrete entity of stocks or shares.

These kinds of assets may include securities listed on a stock exchange as well as those which are only traded privately. Equity, Mutual Fund and BondsMutual funds like Equity, Mutual Fund and Bonds has different types of risks. Investments made in these kinds of assets involves greater amount of risk.



It includes higher rates for return on investments


when required, it can be easily convertible into liquid cash(asset that can be converted to cash)


Less capital intensive in nature


The assets are handled by professional fund managers



Susceptible to higher risk


Requires in-depth understanding and knowledge while choosing good equity stocks


It is a non physical asset

If you are reading this article, you are probably considering investing in real estate, but you are not sure if investing in property really makes sense in the current economic situation. You may be also wondering if you should be investing your money in the stock market instead.

Well, we can tell you that in China, there is no confusion over this issue, which is why Chinese are the biggest buyers of overseas properties in the world – they buy properties across Europe, North America and Australia, and they are pretty clear headed about this. And they did, and still do, the right choice, since in 2015 there was a crash in the stock market in China which had as a result a trillions of dollars worth stock market wealth wiped out.

Really, real estate investment is much safer than investment in the stock market – history bears this out. Read on for the top 5 reasons to invest in real estate instead of stocks.

Reason #1: Real estate investment generates cash flow straight away

If you have checked stocks that pay the highest dividend, they pay 4% or less annually. This is not a bad return, especially when you consider that banks give you a return of just 1% or less, but this is only a little over inflation. So, you won’t really make much money till you actually sell the stock. With real estate, you can rent out your property and earn an excellent cash flow from it, of anything from 5% to 10% of the price of the property. Also, you can earn substantial profit over the sale of the property.

Reason #2: You can be an expert on real estate and will have access to special information

One significant drawback about stock market investment is that nothing can remain hidden. Any company listed on the stock market should make all information on its finances available to anyone who seeks it. So it is impossible to have any special knowledge on a stock which nobody else knows, and even harder to profit from it. On the contrary, with real estate, you will have access to special information about the property market in your area that nobody else does. For example, if you own a property in a cosmopolitical island, you will know specific details about this island’s property market, which will be known only to a few people, of whom only a few of them would be active investors.This allows you to set the right price and market it to the right a result, you will have to reckon with much less competition.

Reason #3: Real estate investments are easier to value

It is very easy to value a property


. If you have seen a luxury property and don’t know if the price being asked for it is fair or not, you can always ask a trusted estate agent to value it for you. As a result, you will get an accurate estimate from them, since they have special knowledge of the area. However, when it comes to stock markets, the prices change every day and every minute. There’s no way to tell if you are paying too much for a stock After all, it is not easy to evaluate a stock belonging to a company worth billions of dollars, unless you are Warren Buffett.

Reason #4: You can inspect your real estate investment closely

You can conduct a thorough inspection of the property, talk to the owner, discuss with your real estate agent, examine the neighbourhood and evaluate it before buying it. Are you surely aware of how difficult it is for an ordinary shareholder to inspect a company, talk to its representatives and evaluate the corporation?

Reason #5: You can always negotiate to buy the real estate below the market value

Typically, during negotiations, the property owner agrees to cut down the asking price of the property. Of course, this does not happen every time, and it depends on exactly how desperate the owner is to sell – he may not agree to sell it below market price if there is a lot of demand for the property. But, you can always try your luck. With investment in the stock market on the other hand, there is no room for negotiation. You have to pay whatever the market price is at the time you buy the stock.


Whether you invest in real estate or in the stock market is something that depends on your appetite for risk and personal knowledge. If you are an expert stock-picker, then investing in the stock market makes a lot of sense. But then not everybody can be like Warren Buffett. That’s the reason most people find it easier to make money from real estate than from the stock market.

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